Kanji essay & info-cards (yours to freely use or share)

Yuki's 108 Kanji CARDS (WIP 2021-03-08):

  (On the paper in your printer's tray, mark the spot that is topmost and closest to you.)
 1. Print Back Sides first: Choose either face-up order or face-down (reverse) order paper feed.
 2. Flip & re-insert sheets (so that your markUntitled.png is turned both underneath and away from you) and print Front Sides.
 3. Cut the stack of sheets lengthwise (into 4 strips), and staple as a booklet.

Yuki's 108 Kanji PLATES (2021-01-02, PDF, 270 pages) - For best view, set your PDF viewer to "Odd Spreads"
Yuki's Kanji Speaker (2021-02-17, PDF, 46 pages) - A story of the 27-letter indexing of characters

Shala is the heir to a magical kingdom of Earth, whose queen is entangled and controlled by a chaos of worldly forces.
To save her mother, Shala must find her own voice and organize her message, by first formulating distinctions within her
character, matching them with true reality, and trying them in conversation with each other. Finally, calling them back
to herself, she achieves her intent and purpose: to take the place of her mother within the world and free her.

Notes: God is addressed as "the Universe." This is not to equate God with creation, but rather to declare true reality to be God.
Any observable universe can be conceived of as an infinitesimal fraction of true reality (and practically separate).
The Lotus Sutra ("Discourse of the Law") is represented as a commentary and a challenge to repentance and prayer.


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freezoneearth.org/pub/Self Clearing 2004.PDF (Self Clearing, Ken Ogger 2004)
books.google.com/books?id=2egMR9TXk0MC (Remote Viewing, David Morehouse 2008)
How one may go about viewing a remote place & time and attempt to describe the surprising images one sees there.

10LoveCommandments.com / 2028End.com Remember the 7th (and final) day; don't miss it!
The day of the Lord's coming will be the most terrifying event in human history. Who will stand firm and welcome Him?
Following a period when AI has, through manifold subtlety, destroyed trust and faith, only certain resolute will be found.
It will be on the Biblical new year: determined by two witnesses' sighting of a new moon (i.e. no one knows day or hour).
This may be delayed by dark smoke covering the earth, but it may yet transpire during the equinox —
when the dawning light burns up and cleanses both ends of the Earth at once.

Derek Prince Ministries (YouTube)
Jesus the Deliverer Ministry

June 10, 1999

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