Kanji book & info-cards (Yours to freely use or share)
For dear friends who struggle to gain victory over emotional confusion or suicidal thoughts, yet hold out for hope.
(Maybe, friend, you believe you don't have a future. Though, what is "a future"? Could a future be even just 1 year?
Isn't 1 day a generous time to enjoy the earth? But trust that we have 7 days, and that you'll see the 7th day.)

Kanji Speaker Book (108 Kanji Plates) — Japanese & Chinese characters tour 2021-05-23

288 pages (13.1 MB). Follows the "Lotus" emotional tone scale, a structure I suggest is present through the Bible.
The kanji are arranged in a way that outlines a Bible reading plan, for a challenge to turn toward life and study it.

I've organized, set logical rules, and assigned singular English meanings to kanji components and characters.
This is essentially a statistical game, and it depends to an extent on the whole set of kanji one chooses to handle.
Taking the 3,080 Standard Chinese kanji of the Chinese Union Bible in one hand, and combining it
 with the 2,730 Standard Japanese kanji in the other, 2,100 kanji are held in common (total of 3,720).
To this are added another 625 high-frequency Chinese characters (for a grand total of 4,345, excluding variants).

108 Kanji Cards

 These are condensed info from the book (108 Kanji Plates), on 7 sheets of paper.
 (View them here with printing instructions.)

For more kanji resources, see the Presentation and Kanji List pages.

Remember the 7th day — don't miss him!

 Repent from Astrology (Birthdays, and Christmas):
 Roman-Babylonian marks (valuation) of body & identity.
 Jesus will pull out of hell only those who are his to take.
 Appraise and fear God only, and remember his final day.
 There will be no "8th day" (Sunday next) here on earth!

I laid [Esau]'s mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness. - Mal 1:3

 https://archive.org/details/chinesesumerian00balluoft/page/1/mode/2up (Chinese and Sumerian, Ball 1913)

Thus saith the Lord of hosts, [Esau-Edom] shall build, but I will throw down;

 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them - 1Th 5:3

 Derek Prince Ministries (YouTube)

 Rome, the calculators and planners, and Ham, the builders of monuments (from Babylon to Egypt), have historically
 worked to counterfeit a Shem (Semites) to be their founder. Shem is also Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God.
 He was worthy to receive 10% of all wealth, because he brought honor to God's Law of cooperative cause-and-effect.
 We see the world bureaucracies try to claim that worthiness through their counterfeit law: coercive cause-and-effect.
 In Shem (ש, 神) is the one vehicle: the Way out, which is to say, the Savior from annihilation.

and they shall call them, The people against whom the Lord hath indignation for ever. - Mal 1:4

 The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with generation, and shall condemn it - Mat 12:42

 Stephen Darby Ministries (YouTube) (2)

 But meanwhile, Esau tries to take Jacob's blessing by force.
 The races of enslavers, conceited in their own sense of accomplishment and enlightenment,
 will be dismayed to learn that their mass slaughters and murders were not justified by the Lord.
 For their twisted manipulations and destruction of the earth, they will not escape judgment.

And your eyes shall see, and ye shall say, The Lord will be magnified from the border of Israel. - Mal 1:5

 The days of our [generation] are [seventy] years; and if by reason of strength they be [eighty] years,
 yet is their strength labour and sorrow
- Psa 90:10

 Forever Free Ministries (YouTube) → If it's in the Bible we want it; if it's not in the Bible we don't want it.

If then I be a father, where is mine honour? and if I be a master, where is my fear? - Mal 1:6

 The day of the Lord's coming will be the most terrifying event in human history. Who will stand and welcome Him?
 After political Mind has finished destroying trust & faith through manifold subtlety, only certain resolute will be found.
 It will be on the Biblical new year: determined by the sighting of the new moon (i.e. "no one knows the day or hour").
 This could be delayed for any amount of time, by dark smoke or clouds covering the earth.

 A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.

 2028End.com / 10LoveCommandments.com

No killer lives: join him, and burn with him. But the Lord saves who turns back.

Those who kill living beings, or abuse, or deprive of property, are worthy of death, as judged by the Law.
Turn back and accept Jesus as the Final sacrifice, who breaks the persisting chain of death.
None are absolved of any offense, but by accepting Him (that same One) PRE-SENT-LY.

Because all creation has fallen away from God, there is nothing good on this earth to hope in.
By the diligent faith of some, God is right now merciful to preserve billions from suffering and death.
Prayers of repentance encourage, solve, and bind the forms of experienced reality with the One form of true reality.

Know that your ideas or symbols of Christ are not the same thing as Christ Himself. Through attentive reading,
crucify your ideas of Jesus: anything in them which is not Christ, will die, while that which is Christ, does live.
Would you trust men to do your reading for you, and then turn to you and spin a narrative about what God says?

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