1-Sheet Guide

 The "whole" Kanji Guide in 4 pages, condensed to print on 1 sheet (front & back).

4-Sheet Guide

 These will be 27 "double-length" cards (matching the width of the 108 Cards),
 1 card per letter (A–X), showing the full tree on the front and info/guide narrative on the back (but no Phonetic Roots info).

Table of Pseudo-MC Romanization

[Under Construction] The forthcoming chart will aid you in recognizing the basic shapes (Phase 1);
it also presents the 60 most productive of the 360 letters (a jump-start on Phase 2).

[Note about Phonetic-Topic composition]

Many of these letters are also stand-alone kanji, and are used phonetically in names (in such case, there is no vocabulary-meaning to learn).

Chart of Letters, A through X, showing:

Chinese Topic-Letters (kanji which phonetically write Genealogical Names in Mat 1 & Luk 3)
Concepts in Revelation (corresponding to Major Categories of Biblical Names)

A : Gen / Rev 1 R (zh) : Pro-Ecc / Rev 20 S(sh) : Mat-Mrk / Rev 21
Horse's[馬ma] Ear[耳er,耶ye] (Town/Wall), Whisk[帚zhou] Crops[利"zli"] Touch[手shou] & Taste[舌she]
→Mary[馬利亞ma3li4ya4] & Jesus[耶穌ye1su1] (Mat&Luk) →Co[r]sam哥桑 (Luk)] →E-zri 以斯-利(Luk); son of Levi利
7 churches (the dragon) -> Gentile nations 12 stones, & apostles: 12 apostles
→Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira,
Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.
→Apostles. Matth-ew to start, & Bart. Simon P, Andrew, James Great & John.
Simon Z, and Jude, James Less & Tom. Philip, & Matth-ias to fill up.. [where Judas left]
B : Exo / Rev 2 Q : Sir / Rev 19 T : Luk-Act / Rev 22
Clothes衣 in Shop, Deer's Sight (on Road)
Icy[bing] Arch (resembles letter B)
Strong[加qa] Cord[弓gong1], Cuts & Feathers a Door[nu->妒du],
→Ethiopia[衣索匹亞yi4suo3pi3ya4] →Iscariot加 vs 力li →T[ibe]rius留(Luk)
Nicholas: 7 deacons (Philip to Ethiopia) (names of God) -> names of God 12 fruits, every month: 12 months
C : Lev / Rev 3 Ps : Psa / Rev 18 U : Gal-Co
Well[井'ching], and Box (resembles letter C) Water pScarce[沙psha1] Mt.[pshan] *Leeks[非pi/非zai] Healthy Girl's Thread[幼yao]
→Jacob[雅各ya3ge4]'s well[井jing3]; vs Seth[塞特sai1te2] →pSalah沙拉(Luk); Philips →Euphrates幼; Eliud以(Mat)
Nicholas & deacons: # states in Israel sea ports: # localities in Acts 7 feasts (Esther)
D : Num / Rev 4 P : Sng-Wis / Rev 17 V(ph) : Eph-Heb
Bug's[蜀du] Mouth[單dan] (letter D), or Toe Boy's Cloth (also Field[bi畀/畢]) Bird[維wei] Food, for Person's Silver
→Nathan[拿單na2dan1] (Luk), sudoku蜀 →Bethesda[畢士大bi4shi4da4]; Zeus[宙斯zhou4si1] →Virginia維
24 elders: 12 tribes (Jacob's sons) kings of Babylon/Assyria (Daniel) Hebrews: sons of Aaron, Levites?
→Judah,Reuben,Gad; Asher,Naphtalim,Manasses;
Simeon,Levi,Issachar; Zabulon,[Ephraim],Benjamin
E : Deu / Rev 5 O : Dan-Eze / Rev 16 W : Jhn-Pe
Rock's Face[頁ye,夏xia], with Beads as eyes Rain[雨yu] on Cart of Wine[酉you] Fish's Gasp and Cow's warning[hau]
→Eve[夏娃xia4wa2] & Adam[亞當ya4dang1] (Luk) →Aram[亞蘭ya4lan2] (Mat) Simeon[西緬xi1mian3] (Luk) →Israel色, Hauran[浩蘭hao4lan2]
root of David: family of Eve thru Judah (Luk 3) 7 vials of plagues: 5 Discourses? Names of Jesus
F : Jsh-Jdg / Rev 6 Ns : Hab-Lam / Rev 15 X : Rev
Guide's[㫃>方fang] Word Fowl's House/Hole[xue], (Mother) courage[希xi]-Dog
→Font.[方fang1] →息dzi>Siph; 穴xue →Enoch 以諾 (Luk), Hezekiah[希西家xi1si1jia1] (Mat),
7 seals: the Judges after Joshua 12 minor prophets Languages
→Osee,Jonas …
(and Esaias/Isaiah, Jeremy/Jeremiah)
G : 1Sa / Rev 7 N : Amo-Hos / Rev 14
Dog[犬quan] (lion from WoZ, along with… ) Fingers[挪]
→David[大衛da4wei4]/Judah[猶大you2da4] (Mat) →Noah[挪亞], -Dale[代"ndai"]
12 tribes: genealogy Judah->David the everlasting gospel: epistles of the NT?
H : 2Sa / Rev 8 M : Jer / Rev 13
Father's Heart & Rod[午u,許xu], and Straw Poke Firing Rice'[米mi] in Water, Travel (mix,scatter)
→Hymenaeus[許米乃xu3mi3nai3]; Habakkuk[哈巴谷] →Jeremiah[耶利米]; Media/Medes[米底亞]?
Mesopotamia[美索不達米亞]; Boanerges[半尼其]
7 trumpets: Kings of Judah 7 heads & 10 horns: Roman leaders
Hs(th) : Ki / Rev 9 L : Isa / Rev 12
Sun "Beats"[shu殳設/du投朵] down “Shell-Flesh” Eye… Panting[lu各路] to catch them
→Asher[亞設ya4she4],Dodo[朵朵duo3duo3]; Dan[旦dan4] →Luke[路lu4加jia1],Ruth[路得lu4de](Mat); Shem[閃shan3]
7 trumpets: Kings of Israel woman & dragon: women (Ruth, Marys)
I : Ch / Rev 10 K : Ezr-Est / Rev 11
(Earth Run) ~Block[睚ya] Grassy[華hua]/flowery Hide[革ke]
→JairuS[睚魯[士]yai2lu3,shi4], EnoS[以挪士yi3nuo2shi4]:
think: "silent S"; 壹yi1
→Han/Kan-漢,Jehovah華; Cleo-革; MelCHi麥基(Luk)
kindreds & nations: 10 comm's the temple: # Ezra's rebuilders
J : Job / -
→Jonan約南 (Luk), 倝Johann; Moses
John, Paul, Moses (key writers)

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