The Tone Scale (District's sounds) Clearing 2004.PDF (Self Clearing, Ken Ogger 2004) (Remote Viewing, David Morehouse 2008)
 One is able to view remote places & times and describe the surprising images one sees there.
What did the prophets see as they were shown the last days, where images are given life on strange screens?
How would they attempt to describe the structures they saw? or make sense of their names?

On the Y-axis, I relate emotional tone to physical scale (from broad & equanimous, to small & trapped), with "normal" human scale at the halfway, between upper & lower.
The X-axis shows the aspect of change in tone (ranging from "subject to getting mixed up or tied up" over to actualized control over destiny: freedom from enturbulating forces).
There are 5 main divisions, which correspond to the Big Five personality traits (and also sets up a dimensional analysis of 1-D through 5-D +).
I represent that the 10 Commandments are discrete choices which present themselves at each step on the scale. These choices are for changing one's aspect or trajectory.

The FALLING ("Incident") line follows the 12-Linked Chain of Causation, which can be broken and rolled back at any time, by switching from Evaluator role into the Observer role.

That Chain is: (0,1) Ignorance leads to volition (karmic action), to (2) consciousness (discerning), to (3) name & form (objects of discernment), to (4) developing of sense faculties,
which leads to (5) contact, to (6) sensation, to (7) desires, to (8) attachment, to (9) existence of forms (and pursuit thereof), to (10,11) cyclical birth & aging & death.

Also in this chart, not in bold print, are references to: Cognitive distortions & Logical fallacies; types of anger, bad communication habits [?need source];
the Tone Scale from Scientology (-40 through 8+) and topics in Ogger's Self Clearing book (chapters 1,2 through 52,53).

CHAOS (Symbolism, pride, diffusion, legalism) FALLING (Evaluator) ← THE CHOICE → REDEEMING (Observer) SOLVENT (Unconditioned, Lawful)
Assumes beings will confuse and destroy for gain Assumes beings rationally love order
Mari's Neurosis (Hating evil leads to mix-up) Neurosis: Whose message is it? Openness: When does God act? Extroversion/Synthesis: How?
Fortune-Telling; Jumping to Conclusions "I smell", "I must" "I hear", "I practice" (time/mgmt) "I contact", "I cooperate"
1. As globalist, she will index to death A. Destroy (stirring, non-still) ← All Life? → R. Create (Freedom) S. (Breath, notion, orienting)
Collect all Aims, orientations, or purposes -40 Total Failure, Can't Hide (or Variance from) 2.0 Pain, Hostile, Antagonist 2.5 Monotony, Bored
[Miss-]construe idea; False Dilemma/Dichotomy 1,2 spot/list, reach-withdraw Exo 20:1-3 39,40 universe-entry, entity 41 42 energies
All-or-Nothing / Polarized Thinking, black or white Moralizing, All or Nothing Saints/Bodhisattvas Judge, Preach
Gambler's Fallacy; Sunk Cost
2. As nationalist, she will make war B. Perversity (not-love) ← Viewpoints? → Q. Other Viewpoints T. (Water, eye, hypothesize)
Collect all Symbols, forms, inventions -20 Be Nothing, Be Object (or Imag-inations) 1.5 Resentment (comes to light) 2.8 Disinterest, Contented
[Miss-]construe as developed idea; Strawman 3,4 attitudes Exo 20:4-6 37,38 entry points 43,44 machines, body
Appeal To Authority (respect for persons) Compression, outburst Prophets/Awakened Interrupt; Imperatives
Should, expectation (react to signs)
3. As statist, she will make teachings C. Sick/Delusion (non-reality) ← Wisdom? → Ps. Wisdom U. (Food, speech, experiment)
Collect various Meanings (Sound-meets-Visual) -8 Hiding, Sacrificing (or Vanity) 1.1 Anxiety, Covertly Hostile 3.0 Mild Interest, Conservative
Miss-measure, dub, interpolate (wrong in-tension) 5,6 confront Exo 20:7 35,36 sources, implants 45,46 objects, etc
Slippery Slope Catastrophize, reject Scribes/Voice-Hearers Criticize; Magnify/Minimize
Magnify / Minimize (Catastrophe) - exaggeration
4. As a city, she will make defense D. Ritual (not-flexible) ← Rightness? → P. Correction V. (Clothe, shelter, rest, result)
Collect all Sound (variable); opinions -5 Worship, Needing Bodies (or non-Remembrance) 1.0 Despair, Fears 3.5 Interest, Cheerful
[Miss-]construe results in reporting, miss-recall 7,8 willing / comms Exo 20:8-11 33,34 run incidents, perception 47,48 ethics, taking on others' sins
Bandwagon/Popularity - feeling of truth:Success Petrified, Need to be Right Teachers/Heavenly Impress Others
Need to be Right; Mind Reading (need to explain)
5. As a family, she will make use E. Isolate (Cryptify) ← Communicate? → O. Listen (Clarify) W. (Cleanliness, sanity, seed)
Collect all sources, uses or functions -3 Approval, Owning Bodies (or Dishonor) 0.9 Numb, Terrors 4.0 Enthusiasm, Aesthetic
Mixed-up conclusion, missing parts (transposition) 9,10 duplication Exo 20:12 31,32 locations, finding out 49,50 aesthetic, dynamics
Over-extrapolate (wrong ex-tension); Hypocrisy Coverts, Passive-Aggression Human society Clinging
Disqualify Positive - invalidation
Jodi's Conscientiousness: Conscience: What is God? Agreeable: Where is Meaning? X. (Cross-section, Heart, Key)
compensation, OVER-CORRECTION "I think", "I can't" "I try", "I can" (spatial/mgmt) 8+ Exhilarated, Serenity
Personalization; Ad Hominem (substance/property, addictions) (means, necessities) 52,53 postulates, positivity
6. As a house or self, she will… F. Delusion, If-Only ← Forgive? → Ns. Forgiving
divide all Purpose by facing against it, -2 Protect and Control (or Kill, Anger) 0.8 Propitiate, Sympathy
gaining Notion, Observation (over/under) 11,12 exteriorization, help Exo 20:13 29,30 running, handling
Change, If-Only fantasy; Circular Reasoning Blames (internal) Angry/Asuras Blames (justified)
No control / Complete control
7. As a member, she will… G. Mystery/Fantasy (flinching) ← Responsible? → N. Knowing
break up all Graphics with the eye, -1 Regrets and Blames (or Adulterate, Lust) 0.5 Making Amends, Grief
gaining Hypothetical views (over/under idea.) 13,14 change, protests Exo 20:14 27,28 repressed, keep moving
Distraction, Red Herring Habit/Addiction, Scarcity mind Animal world Dwelling on
Mental Filter, rumination, echo, obsessing
8. As a self or tissues, she will… H. Sickness/Delusion ← Help? → M. Self-Perception
divide all Meaning with the tongue, -0.5 Accountable, Ashamed (or Steal, Hunger) 0.2 Self-Abased, Undeserving
over/under measure, and steal praise 15,16 problems, must Exo 20:15 25,26 suppressed, justifying
Hasty Generalization Emotional short-circuit Hungry ghosts Complaints
Overgeneralize - extrapolate w/o experience
9. As children or as cells, she will… Hs. Fragmentation ← Confront? → L. Handling
babble and divide all Sound by ears, -0.1 [Self-]Pity, Failure (or False witness, Lie) 0.1 Hopeless, Victim
summarizing (over/under recalling) 17,18 must, cause Exo 20:16 23,24 upsets, tricks
Appeal To Pity Avoid emotion, intellectualize Hells, Misery Fears
Emotional Reasoning - I feel = starting point
10. As a soul or substance, she will… I. Particulate (not) ← Love? → K. Assist (freely)
divide up organization and effects by hand, 0. Dead, Dying (or Covet) 0.01 Useless, Apathy
passing the work over, forfeit 19,20 invalidation,withholds Exo 20:17 21,22 stepping out, A-R-C
Equivocation / If By Whiskey Abbreviate, misunderstand Rushed; Global Judgment
Label/Mislabel - loaded vocabulary (The End?)

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